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Low Back Pain: Here’s How Stem Cell Therapy Can Help

Low back pain is one of the most common medical complaints among both men and women, and it can affect patients of all ages. While some low back pain is acute (that is, sudden and short-lived), chronic and recurring low back pain can be caused by underlying problems that require skilled care and treatment.

low back pain

As a leading wellness center in Leesburg, Florida, Buchanan Health Center offers state-of-the-art stem cell therapy to relieve low back pain by treating the underlying cause of symptoms. Stem cell therapy taps into your body’s own natural healing processes, and treatments can be performed right in the office.

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are special cells that can “turn into” or “differentiate” into many types of cells, which makes them very useful for repairing damaged tissues in the lower back and elsewhere. Stem cells are found in from many tissues, including bone marrow, blood, and fatty (adipose) tissue. In stem cell therapy, stem cells are separated from these tissues and specially processed, then incorporated into a solution that can be reinjected into the site of injury. Researchers have found stem cells can be very effective in repairing all sorts of problems associated with low back pain, including disc damage, cartilage deterioration, and problems affecting the surrounding soft and connective tissues.

How does stem cell therapy work to treat low back pain?

Stem cell repair works in two ways: First, once they’re injected into your lower back, the cells are acted on by special proteins found naturally in your tissues. These proteins “tell” the cells what type of cell they should become. Over time, the stem cells grow into new, healthy cells that the body uses to repair itself, replacing damaged cells with new, healthy cells. Second, the cells help prompt the development of new blood vessels in the damaged area, reducing inflammation and increasing circulation that can aid in immediate and long-term healing.

What happens during stem cell therapy?

Prior to undergoing stem cell therapy at our wellness center, you’ll have a comprehensive examination to determine the precise location or source of your painful symptoms to ensure the injections will be administered in the ideal locations to repair damage and relieve pain. During the injection treatment, the injections sites will be carefully cleansed and then the solution will be administered near your spine. Once the injections are complete, the stem cells will begin to differentiate, a process that can take a few weeks and can continue to provide improvements and healing for a month or more. There’s no downtime associated with our stem cell therapy, which means you can return to your regular activities immediately afterward.

Stem Cell Therapy at Our Leesburg Wellness Center

Stem cell therapy can be very effective in relieving low back pain, promoting natural healing so pain can be prevented in the future. To learn more about stem cell therapy and whether it could be a good option for helping you relieve your low back symptoms, call Buchanan Health Center at 352-787-8531 and schedule a consultation and evaluation today.