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Stem Cell Therapy at Buchanan Health Center

Stem cells are special cells that can generate new and different kinds of cell types under certain conditions.  These differentiated or "daughter" cells resulting from the ability of stem cells to engage in self-renewal can treat a variety of musculoskeletal problems and disorders, from simple joint pain and tissue injuries to osteoarthritis, knee, shoulder and hip joint degeneration and bone injuries. Stem cell injections provided by our medical provider also helps reduce inflammation and accelerate tissue growth conducive to rapid and complete healing of joints, cartilage, ligaments and associated tissues.

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In many cases, health center professionals qualified to initiate stem cell therapy suggest people thinking about knee or hip replacement explore the benefits of stem cell therapy for restoring wellness to damaged joints.

Who are Good Candidates for Stem Cell Therapy Injections

Anyone suffering joint, bone, tendon, muscle and/or ligament damage are potential candidates for stem cell injections offered at our medical clinic. Found in normal cartilage, stem cells work constantly to repair tissues suffering inflammatory injuries or disorders. However, when a degenerative disease such as osteoarthritis is affecting joint cartilage, the number of stem cells increases significantly. The reason why naturally occurring stem cells can't restore health to damaged joints is because native stem cells tend to behave chaotically and less efficiently than stem cells introduced via injection.

Why Stem Cell Therapy Works to Heal Many Musculoskeletal Disorders

When native stem cells are unable to organize into a powerful healing mechanism, inflammation will continue to deteriorate joints and involved tissues. Introducing self-renewing stem cells into damaged joints via stem cell therapy injections guides native stem cells into regrouping and suppressing inflammation, pain and further degeneration of joints. In addition, new stem cells begin displaying their versatility and plasticity immediately by dividing into cell types that promote healing of bone injury, reversal of cartilage deterioration and minimization of damage to other joint components.

An Alternative to Hip, Knee or Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Replacing a damaged hip, knee or shoulder joints involves surgery, along with a lengthy down time, rehabilitation and the possibility the new joint may not be accepted by the body. In addition, joint replacement carries the risk of infection and possibly requiring additional surgery to maximize the functionality of the artificial joint. By choosing to undergo stem cell therapy injections instead of joint replacement surgery, many of our patients have avoided the stress, pain, and expense of postoperative complications caused by joint replacement surgery.

Our Medical Team Can Help Eliminate Joint Pain and Restore Joint Health

Call us at 352-787-8531 to schedule a no charge consultation appointment regarding stem cell therapy injections for restoring joint health and healing a variety of musculoskeletal disorders.